A Day in the Life of a Wiener Dog

Chloe and I were just going over our calendar for the next two weeks. School visits, presenting at a conference, a book signing at a festival, speaking at a homeless shelter and even doing a program at a funeral home – more on that later. A busy few days for sure. Add in cat naps, digging in the yard, chew toys and barking at the vacuum cleaner and we our schedule is packed! But we wouldn’t have it any other way! I mean, how many other wiener dogs get to travel around with their wiener dog sister, Chloe, and their human Mom and Dad? Not many. We are lucky dogs for sure. You see, I was the runt of the litter. The farmer said I would “never amount to anything.” But that was before a lady came and rescued me. I will never forget it! I was in the back of the barn, all alone. I remember someone reaching down and scooping me up. This lady was so kind – and she smelled oh so good – like fresh-baked sugar cookies. The best part? She never put me down. She carried me outside the barn, named me “Mr. Dogwood Furr” and called me “Woody” for short. Immediately, I had a mom and a wiener dog sister named Chloe. Not too long after, Mom married Dad. Our family was complete. Now, our family has grown to include lots of animals, 8 published books, several published newspaper serial stories, a passel of awards under our collar, thousands of miles traveled and countless friends!  I’ll say it again – lucky dogs for sure!

Just last week someone said, “Woody, why don’t you blog anymore?” That was all it took. I asked Mom if I could have another blog account. “I’d love for you to blog, Woody,” Mom answered. “But people are busy. So if they are stopping to read what you have to say, make sure it counts. Use your words to encourage others.” I’m still not sure how I can encourage others, but I promised Mom I’d try.

Mom, Dad, Chloe and I are getting ready for a two-day festival called the Forkland Heritage Festival and Revue. The festival honors Veterans. We’ve been working hard on our booth. Dad has made lots of neat things for us to display. If you’re in the area, please come see us.

I asked Dad why Veterans were so special. “Woody, think about all the things you have – a nice, warm bed, plenty of food, freedom to run and play and learn. Well someone gave up all of those things – plus so much more – so you wouldn’t have to give them up.” As I listened to Dad, I realized just how special these men and women really were. I may not have the opportunity to serve in our Armed Forces, but I could definitely honor the people who do serve and have served. And I would work hard to be best citizen I could be.

I’ll be sure to post lots of pics from the festival so check back soon! In the meantime, “Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!”